AOMO LOG, Nov. 19, 2011

Mark, Leigh and Wayne

Arrived: 8:15pm

Temp: -4 C, 3″ snow, Clear mag 5 sky.

Depart: 10:40pm.

A quick decision to take advantage of a rare clear night this month.  I did not put out a general group email as we were not even sure the road conditions would allow us to reach the scope.  As it was we needed to put the Tracker into 4wheel drive to make the climb past the second gate.  We found about 1-1/2 inches of snow covered everything.  Most had slid off the roof but there was still a skiff.

Wayne wanted to take some wide field images with his camera while Mark and I wanted to take those images of Jupiter that eluded us the last time we were up.

Mark and I got the scope aligned first.  It pointed surprisingly accurate to Deneb on the first try.  Different than the experience that Oleg and I had back in August.  This leads me to think it has something to do with daylight saving time.  I’ll have to put some more thought to this.

We mounted the SBig camera and found the PC couldn’t find the drivers.  It took Mark and I a couple of attempts to get them loaded again.   Persistance paid off and we were up and running.  We worked on focus for awhile and then swung the scope to Jupiter.  After we took a few test images, Mark went downstairs to work on some processing on his laptop while I set up an imaging run on Jupiter.    I then joined Mark and Wayne in the office for coffee while the program did its thing.

Later I moved the images onto my flashdrive and hopefully I will do a better job of processing than I have of keeping up with this log.

Departed: 12:00M

Temp: -3 C

Darkness meter: n/a

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I have yet to find the time to process the images. When I manage to get around to that I will post the result good or bad on this site. I also have some other members images taken at AOMO that I will be posting in the image gallery soon.

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