Email Lists and Subscriptions

RASC Vancouver has several email lists that you can join to be kept informed of what is going on at RASC Vancouver.  Many of these list do not require membership.

Meetup Group

Our meetup group will keep you informed of RASC Vancouver events and last minute changes like cancellations due to weather conditions. Join the group.

Volunteers Group- Members Only

Interested in volunteering with RASC Vancouver? Make a request to join  our volunteers group.

This email list is setup as a Google Group to facilitate discussions.  You can receive, send, and reply to emails by signing up with any email address. The experience is smoother if you sign up with a Gmail account, it is free and you can  create a Google Account without changing your email address.

Trottier Observatory  Imaging and Observing Group – Members Only

This list is for members interested in astrophotography or similar scientific pursuits ( or simply observing) at the Trottier Observatory. To be added to this list, please email the  Director of Imaging at [email protected] (please include your name and the target you are interested in studying).  Whenever there is time available, the Director of Imaging will schedule a session, send out an email to interested members and ensure that the session is hosted.

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