Cypress Mountain

There is a parking lot at a bend in the Cypress Bowl road that is sometimes used for observing.

The site is only accessible when it’s not full of snow.

There is a large light standard near the parking lot, but that’s the only light there and the light is not turned on every night.

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One thought on “Cypress Mountain”

  1. This is a difficult site to use as the cursor does not stay visible.
    I will try my email again.
    I was at The bowl last night and there were no light on. The southern sky has a dome of city light pollution that extends up to 40 degrees. In the 1980’s when we observed there the dome was 20 degrees up.
    The rest of the sky is great. It is the best site close to the city bar none.
    The management there talked about turning of the lights in the off season.
    Prpbably time to talk to again and that way we might be able to get from May to October with dark skies.

    I will be up there again later this month.

    Jim mac Guigan

    Science Writer@UBC

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