To contact the Vancouver Centre of the RASC by e-mail, write to our President, Alan Jones, [email protected].

To contact the Vancouver Centre of the RASC by conventional mail, write to:

PO Box 89608
9000 University High Street
Burnaby V5A 4Y0


President: Alan Jones – [email protected]

Vice President: Robert Conrad – [email protected]

Secretary: Suzanna Nagy – [email protected]

Treasurer: Phil Lobo – [email protected]

National Representative: Nolan Smith-[email protected]

Director of Telescopes: Ken Arthurs – [email protected]

Librarian: William Fearon – [email protected]

Membership: Marla Daskis – [email protected]

Events: Hayley Miller[email protected]

Education Co-chairs: Robert Conrad, Andrew Krysa [email protected]

Merchandise:  Kyle Dally – [email protected]

Observatory: Alan Jones , Carl Bandura– [email protected]

Webmaster: Renuka Pampana – [email protected]

LPA Chair: Leigh Cummings – [email protected]

NOVA Editor: Gordon Farrell – [email protected]

Observing:  Robert Conrad and Ken Arthurs [email protected]

Speakers and Public Relations : Andrew Ferreira- [email protected]  &  [email protected]

At Large : Shay Pomeroy

At Large: Rob Lyons

At Large: Douglas Filipenko

At Large: Michael Levy

At Large: Bill Burnyeat

At Large : Kenneth Lui

At Large: Karambir Singh

Honorary President: J. Karl Miller