AOMO LOG, Nov. 14, 2011

Mark and Leigh

Arrived: 9:00pm

Temp: -1 C

Mark and I made a quick trip to the observatory in order to test fit an accessory plate that Brett had manufactured for the telescope.  Brett had taken the measurements at previous visits and we were anxious to give it a try.

Even though we did not have screws quite long enough to safely mount the plate on a permanent bassis, we were able to tell that it would fit perfectly.  Way to go Brett!

We removed the plate as we were not intending to leave it mounted.  Mark intends to drill holes in it to enable the mounting of a guide scope as well as a camera mount and possible other accessories in the future.  The guide scope has already been purchased and is a Sky-WatcherBK80 short tube refractor.  We intend to use Mark’s Meade DSII camera in combination with PHD guiding software.

We also took up a longer R232 cable to enable us to hook up the telescope with the PC in its new location in the office.  We then started up the PC and the telescope to test the connectivity.  On the first try the telescope connected with the PC and we were able to control it with the PC.

We got all excited at this point and decided to try to image Jupiter.  We went outside and could see it was nice and clear so we went up and uncovered the scope and opened the dome.  Once we had the dome opened we could see that it had clouded over in that little bit of time.  Oh well, we got some more practice at untarping and tarping up the equipment.

Depart: 10:40pm.

Temp: 0 C

Darkness meter: n/a