Mark and Leigh

Arived: 4:30 pm

Temp: -2 C, Light rain.

On the way to the AOMO Mark and I encountered a tree across the road.  It had fallen down just past the road branches off to the UBC Liquid Mirror Telescope.  It was not a big loss to the forest as it was so rotten that it broke into 5 or 6 pieces upon impact even though it was about 8″ in diameter.  We had no problem clearing the road.

Our main purpose of going to the AOMO was to mount the new accessory mount bracket and guide scope with camera to the Meade telescope.  While I passed tools and parts, Mark accomplished the task.  We then strung some of the cables to see where we come up short.  I have some shopping to do.

We then mounted a Telrad onto the Meade on the oppisite side of the counter weights from the finder scope.  Next clear night we will give it a test drive as well.

I then made some notes and a short shopping list.  We re-tarped the scope locked up and travelled back down through a wet dark forest.

Depart: 5:30pm.

Temp: -2 C