Report on the Mercury Transit Outreach Event

Reported by Adrian Mitescu, RASC Vancouver Secretary

On May 9, RASC Vancouver organized an outreach event for the Mercury transit. Four RASC Vancouver hosts (three council members and one volunteer) welcomed 170-200 people over four hours in the public plaza at 200 Granville St, Vancouver. We had three scopes: two with mylar filters, one with an H-alpha filter, one pair of binoculars with a mylar filter, and eclipse glasses. Several other council members stopped by at various times and provided backup support.

We set up right in front of the office tower in which The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers are located.  Several reporters came down and interviewed us for two Vancouver Sun articles:  one article with video  and another article with  photos.

Overall, we judge this event to be a success, with many “wow” moments and repeat customers.  Some members of the public stopped by multiple times to see Mercury’s progress. From our conversations with those present, many people had never even looked at the sun through eclipse glasses before, much less solar telescopes.

RASC Vancouver Mercury Transit Outrearch Event

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