President's Message – May 2015

By Mark Eburne

Welcome all the visitors to the annual RASC Vancouver Centre Astronomy Day held in conjunction with SFU’s Science Rendezvous here at Simon Fraser University.

Every year, the RASC Vancouver Centre and its dedicated volunteers deliver outstanding displays and talks centered on the science of astronomy and the impact it has on everyday life here and around the world. This year is no exception.

You can always find something in the astronomy world to spark an interest in your mind or perhaps your children’s minds. Whether it is looking back in time or into the future of space travel, there is something for everyone.

In today’s world of high-powered telescopes imaging the depths of time or huge super computers building scenario models of what is going to happen, we can all enjoy the results of the thousands of dedicated astronomers and scientists making it simple for us to understand. Perhaps you just want to lay down in a dark area and look up into the night sky and wonder or peer through the eyepiece of a portable ’scope in your back yard. Whatever your astronomy hunger is, you can feed it here at Astronomy Day.

Please take the time to ask questions. All of our RASC members and volunteers here at SFU love talking astronomy. Who knows, you could start yourself on a new course of discovery. It’s all here. Enjoy the journey. Clear Skies.