AOMO LOG July 31, 2011

Mark & Leigh

Arived: 8:45pm

Temp: 14 C

Mark & I set up Mark’s EQ6 with his Takahashi 106ED mounted upon it.  I tried to cheat the darkness a little by trying to align Marks mount while the sky was still quite blue.  I fell for the old mistake of aligning to the wrong “polaris”.  Needless to say we then wasted time trying to obtain three star alignment and eventually came to the realization that something basic was wrong.  By this time of course we could actually see polaris and realize my intitial setup was completely haywire.  I hung my head in shame and fixed the problem.  After that, things went remarkably well.

Mark then imaged NGC7000 (North American Nebula) and IC5067 (Pelican Nebula).  He took the images with his Canon modified DSLR.  I think he was pleased with the results and in fact his image of NGC7000 apeared on the inside back cover of our July/August issue of NOVA.  Mark also imaged M31 before the morning dew and clouds of mosquitoes convinced us to call it a night.

I got home just as the sun was poking its first rays over the mountains to the northeast.  I had to wait for a family of racoons to waddle out of my driveway before I could park.  Overall a very nice summer night at the AOMO.

Depart: 4:am

Temp: 10 C

Darkness meter: Twilight