AOMO LOG Aug. 7, 2011

Oleg Mazurenko & Leigh

Arived: 12:35am

Temp: 13 C

Clear Magnitude 5 sky.

Oleg and I took a late (or early morning) trip up to the AOMO to enable Oleg to try using his camera and laptop to image through the observatory’s telescope.

Upon start up of the telescope we tried to synch to Altair.  We found the telescope to consistantly slew to 1 hour east of Altair.  We were able to centre the star using the RA control of the telescope alone.  We checked the telescope’s clock setting, which was accurate, and the computer’s time setting and found it also to be accurate.  Once the telescope was synched we had no futher problems with finding objects.  We will have to sort that out another night.

We mounted Oleg’s camera with the same nose piece Mark used on his DSLR, screwed into Oleg’s lens T3 adapter.  Oleg used his laptop to control his camera.  Oleg carried on doing focus and test images while I went down to the office to catch up on some work on my laptop.

Oleg was able to come up with some suggestions for adjustments and maintenance on the telescope based on the results of some of his images.  He has since sent me an email and I hope to work with him through next year getting some of his ideas acted upon.

Depart: 4:am

Temp: 12 C

Darkness meter: n/a