Out Door Light Fixture

Home Depot is carrying a International Dark-Sky Association approved out door wall mounted light fixture. The price is 39.98. Can use up to a 100w bulb and has a motion sensor built in.

I installed the light, replacing my globe style one and it took about 10 minutes. I also installed a Philips 40 W Amber light bulb.

I still have light on my steps when needed and it has made a huge difference on the light trespass in the back yard. Check it out and lets support the Home Depot on this product.

Mark Eburne


More info


It is made by Hampton Bay, made in China and the upc is 4633589006.


Not all Home Depots had them in stock and not all were promoting the International Dark Sky Association with the marketing material up at some stores.


By posting on the web site and having people talking to Home Depot we will get more awareness, step one of the big picture


Mark Eburne

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