Light Pollution Abatement

Light Pollution Abatement

RASC Vancouver

Attention All Members 

I have recently accepted the role of Chair, LPA RASC Vancouver.  I have been a member of RASC for about four years and have been actively involved in the AOMO here in Maple Ridge.  As an amateur astronomer, the night sky is very important to me and I am looking forward to helping preserve and improve the dark skies we have.

As you all are aware,  light glare, light trespass and light pollution here in the lower mainland and in the City of Vancouver, in particular, is a large problem. These problems have a direct impact to us as amateur and professional astronomers. From the basic enjoyment of the night sky to having a debilitating impact on imaging or severely hindering any kind of scientific research being done, light pollution needs to be managed and ultimately reduced for all to enjoy.

Not only does light pollution impact the astronomy community but it has negative impact on other areas within  the community including health and wellness of the public, wildlife, crime, safety and energy consumption to name a few.

In the past, there have been many successes in communities all across the country and around the world that have been able to directly impact the issue of light pollution in a positive way. Through City Ordinances and By-Laws that deal directly with sources of the problem, light pollution can be and has been noticeably reduced. It is my belief that the willingness to do something about light pollution is never far away but we must harness that willingness to effect positive change around us.

Efforts here in Vancouver by Vic Baker, Past Chair, have made a solid impact in awareness to the public. Congratulations to Vic and all of the supporting members that have been working directly and indirectly on this ongoing project.

To keep the momentum moving forward, I would like  to take this opportunity to introduce my plan that would assist in the management and reduction of light pollution in the City of Vancouver and surrounding areas. Clearly, any change will come from efforts of many individuals working together collectively towards one goal.

To achieve this goal, I will  assemble a committee of not only astronomers but of other members of the public who are impacted and who would benefit from light pollution abatement.  Amongst those on this committee, I would like to see representation from the City of Vancouver representing the change processes as well as industry representation for lighting products and services. I also hope to see individuals that have had success in other communities in dealing with light pollution abatement.

From this committee will come a Strategic Plan that establishes goals, objectives and action plans that everyone can be part of and get involved in with.

The plan will be focused around:

·         public awareness and education;

·         the measurement of current status and future results ;

·         a process to work closely with the City of Vancouver to support current and future avenues in dealing with light pollution abatement; and

·         create a model for others to use


I feel safe in saying that we all have a passion to manage and reduce light pollution and I feel very strongly that it can be done.  Using a collective efforts approach will be impactful and   efficient to meet the challenges ahead.

As I start to assemble the committee, I would like to hear your thoughts on what you feel would be helpful in achieving our goals of managing and reducing  light pollution.

If you would like to participate on the committee, please let me know as soon as possible. Also if you know of anyone who you feel would be a great committee member, please pass on this invitation to contact me.

I can be reached on my cell phone at 604 649 8356 and email at [email protected].

Thank you


Mark Eburne

Chair, Light Pollution Abatement

RASC, Vancouver