AOMO LOG May 19, 2011

Members: Leigh, Rohit
Arrive: 9:00 pm
Temp: Not checked
Weather clear and dry.
I set up my HEQ5 mount with my Eclipse150 on the cement pad next to the power box.  Rohit set up his 12″ Dob on the north side of the cement pad.
We both started the night by viewing Saturn with various eyepieces.  Both of us observed two moons close to the outer edge of the rings.  The sky was nice and clear, however the air was still turbulent from the days heat.
I next slewed over to M13.  I must have done a decent job setting up the mount as it put M13 in the centre of the eyepiece.  The mount continued this performance all night long.  Sometimes you just get it righter than other times.  Rohit found M13 on his own so he can check it off his Messier list.  Next I slewed over to M57 and showed Rohit what it looked like.  He then hunted it down with his dob.  He was successful at finding it and I have to say when it comes to those fainter objects, aperture definately counts.  What a beautiful view through his dob.  Another check mark in Rohit’s Messier list.
We continued this pattern for the rest of our night.  I was able to position my scope to get M81 & M82 in my 27mm eyepiece at the same time.  Rohit then chased them down and give an even more impressive view with his larger aperture once again.  I also viewed M5, however with the moonlight taking away the fainter stars nearby, Rohit was unable to successfully star hop to it.  I know he will get it the next clear dark night.
The moonlight first luminated the tree tops near us at around 11:30 and by 1:30 the sky was getting quite bright.  We decided to call it quits at that point as we both had to get up in the morning.
Overall a good night for a couple of star starved astronomers.
Departed: 1:30 am
Temp: n/a
Darkness meter: n/a