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This set of posts is about the TV Lens we were generously given by CTV to make into scopes.

Myself excluded, most people with these will need to make a tripod, and some kind of mount, probably a fork mount for sake of simplicity.

I recently acquired a planer as well as a second table saw that I can keep in Vancouver, so I have enough tools to build parts for people without such tools for the cost of material.

The tripods can be made of 2 X 6 lumber cut at an angle for legs, two pieces of plywood glued together for the mating plate. Door hinges can be used for the tops of the legs and a chain connected to eye bolts to prevent the tripod from collapsing.

The fork is a special problem. Mine is made out of a piece of aluminum tubing rectangular in cross-section. To make the U shape, I  cut 22.5 degree wedges of material out, bent it to shape and had it welded by Pro-Tec Marine Welding in North Vancouver for $140. I didn’t cut through completely, but left the cut so that one side of material was still there and with enough room between the cuts so that when they were brought together, a proper weld with filler rod could be done. Mine ended up being not quite parallel but close enough I can probably cold-set them.

One problem with this lens is where the focus comes to. I think it may be too close to the last lens element to make for a convenient position, so I think some kind of negative lens element is needed to add some back focus distance.Lens Front

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  1. I have 4 more of these TV lenses in my basement that are free to any members. I need to move them out as soon as I can as we will be renovating the basement this summer and they must go!


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