VRO History

The VRO started life as the “Canadian Amateur Research Observatory” (CARO) named after its purpose. Initially
our Vancouver Centre observatory group’s interest was in searching for super nova’s. The site was prepared
and building constructed some thirty years ago entirely by volunteer labour from members and friends of the
Vancouver Centre. It is funded, maintained and operated by volunteers from our centre. For a memorial period
the observatory was re-named after one of the dedicated member volunteers, Antony Overton, after his
passing. The building fell into disrepair and became unusable for numerous years, so in 2021 reconstruction by
RASC volunteers began to restore the observatory. A new roof was installed, building exterior and interior
renovated, new pier installed, new donated telescope, mount, and camera installed, grounds area tree clearing
from overgrowth. Subsequently as a new beginning, the observatory was given its current name, the
Vancouver RASC Observatory or VRO. The current name conveys the club member’s ownership and financial
and labour commitment to maintaining the facility. We also recognize the significant contribution of Antony
Overton in launching the facility. Our gratitude also extends to the Trottier family; Howard and Loula who
donated the observatory grade equipment.