Observing Group

Are you tired of looking at the same objects again and again (planets, moon, etc.)? Is your telescope collecting dust because it’s hard to locate deep sky objects? Would you like to bring your observing to a stellar level? In April Robert Conrad, our new observing director revived the Vancouver RASC observing group and invites you to join by sending him an email at ([email protected]). Some of the benefits of belonging to this group include:
  • Weekly observing sessions at the SFU Trottier observatory or at dark sky locations
  • One-one-one coaching on how to locate thousands of objects in the night sky
  • Attend small interactive seminars delivered by Robert on a range of topics including fail safe starhopping, charting challenging objects and understanding the motions of the cosmos
  • Learn to make your telescope dance by locating objects such as asteroids, nova, supernovae and
  • Updates on observable sky events happening during the week like asteroid/comet/deep sky conjunctions
  • Access to observing guides and lists that Robert created that took hundreds of hours to create and will help with planning observing sessions
  • Knowledge and expertise from other observing group members
  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently find and starhop to deep sky objects using a range of binoculars and telescopes