RASC Vancouver Monthly Meeting Sept 14 2023

Join us for our monthly meeting. All of our monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

Location: Simon Fraser University Burnaby Room AQ3159

Topic: Gas Angular Momentum and Galaxy Quenching in the IllustrisTNG Simulation

Speaker: Marcus Cowan

Bio: I’m an undergraduate mathematical physics student at Simon Fraser University. This summer I’ve been working as a research assistant with Dr. Joanna Woo to study the evolution of galaxies in the IllustrisTNG cosmological simulation. My passion for astronomy has grown through my work, and I am excited to continue my career in the field going forward.

Abstract: The shape of a galaxy is related to galaxy quenching, which is when a galaxy shuts down its star-formation. In IllustrisTNG, a simulation of the universe that spans from the Big-Bang to modern day, the angular momentum of gas falling towards a galaxy is strongly related to the future shape of the galaxy. In other words, whether gas is spinning around a galaxy or not as it approaches plays a key role in that galaxy’s evolution. By studying the relationship between a galaxy’s location in the cosmic web and the angular momentum of its infalling gas, and how that angular momentum affects the galaxy, we can better understand galaxy evolution and quenching.

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