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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Star Gazing
Star Parties




Observing Aids


Current events

General Astronomy

Links used in the Astronomy course at Douglas College

General astronomy web sites

3-D (Stereo Vision) pictures


Space Telescopes

Resources written for Kids

Resources in other Languages

3 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. Does anyone at RASC know what’s going on with Vancouver Telescope? I have consignment and repairs there but they have not answered my emails since early February. I know they are closed but what happened to the stock? Any useful info would be much appreciated as all of my inquiries are going nowhere.

    1. Markanian Fine Optics opened today September 16 on Kingway in Vancouver.

      Congrats to Harout and his team and look forward visiting in the net future.

      Mark Eburne

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