Citizen Scientists Discover Exoplanets

Four previously unknown exoplanets were discovered by Australian citizen scientists and confirmed to be orbiting a nearby star.

The citizen scientists were part of a crowd-sourcing project that aired on ABC’s Stargazing Live. Viewers were asked to hunt for exoplanets by trawling through observations of about 100,000 stars via a project on the Zooniverse website using data from the Kepler Space Telescope. The citizen scientists will be listed as co-authors on a scientific paper about the discovery.

The four exoplanets are “Super Earths” about twice the size of Earth. They are orbiting a star in the Aquarius constellation 600 light years away from Earth. The four discovered planets are most likely rocky and far too hot to support human life, said Dr Lintott, principal investigator at Zooniverse. The star’s planets are “crammed together” suggesting there may be additional planets further from the star.

Simulation of the exoplanets found by citizen scientists.

Additional details can be found in this article.

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